Topic : Burnish Marks

Are burnish marks a problem on concrete?

Burnish marks are dark marks on the concrete surface. It appears when the steel trowel blades overheat due to friction between steel and concrete. When the blades pass many times on the same spot, they become hot and the cement contained in the concrete burns and blackens.


These marks might be desired on some finishes for a rough and rustic outcome or to reach a higher compaction level. It also might be insignificant for other finishes like industrial ones or when the floor is covered. But in some cases, the burnish marks are to be avoided because the outcome of the floor is important.


When the desired result is colored or pale concrete, epoxy finish or any other surfaces where looks and appearances matter, burnish marks are the worst enemy of a finisher.


As a matter of fact, these spots can ruin the look of an entire decorative or residential floor.


To control burnish marks, we suggest using the Plastic Trowel Blades on walk-behind or ride-on power trowel for a good-looking floor.





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