Topic : FF Number

What does FF number on concrete finishing mean?

Since the 70’s, concrete finishers have been working with a unit called F-numbers. Basically, it is a measurement of the concrete surface quality. There are two types of these measurements.


The first one is FL and means “Floor Levelness”. It is a calculation of the concrete level and it says if there is a slope or if it is plane. The higher is the number, the leveler is the floor.


Plate 2000’s products are working on the FF numbers which means floor flatness. Basically, it’s a calculation of the bumpiness of the concrete surface. This number is affected by the quality of the finishing tools used but also the time laps between each pass, the quality of the concrete and the talent of the finisher. The higher is the FF number, the flatter is the concrete floor.


The FF numbers are classified this way:

Conventional       FF 25
Good                   FF 38
Flat                      FF 50   
Very flat               FF 75
Superflat             FF 100
Ultraflat               FF 150

As an example, one of our talented concrete finishers succeed to reach a FF number of 154 in a warehouse floor with P2K’s products!





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