Topic : Matte finish/Glossy finish


How to reach a matte or glossy finish on my concrete floors?

Concrete offers a multitude of possibilities in surface finish types: epoxied, colored, textured, natural, etc. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a matte or glossy finish.


Most people want a glossy finish on their floors, because they want to expose the look of concrete, colored sealed or epoxied.


On the other hand, if the concrete is covered with carpet or ceramic, most finishers will prefer a matte finishing mainly due to the easiness.


For both finishes, there is different types of blades to reach the expected result.


To reach a glossy finish and a high FF number, for a good looking and a smooth floor, you should generally use a 6’’ wide trowel blades. This width makes it the most rigid blade so it can spread the cement and compact the concrete better for a shiny finish.


To reach a matte finish that you may cover, we suggest using a combination blade. The 8’’ width and its off-center mounting bar makes it more flexible for a matte finish and a lower FF number.

Finally, to reach a semi-gloss finish, you can use a Finish Blade with Rounded Corners which is an alternative between the two previous blades. It has an 8 inch width with a centered mounting bar.


All these blades are available in many thicknesses to optimize their rigidity and lifetime, depending on your needs.





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