Topic : Thickness Vs Hardness

What is the best feature of a finishing pan?

Many of our clients are thinking that a pan thickness is the most significant feature in quality terms. In fact, the popular belief says that a thick pan last longer than a thinner one and its absolutely true if we compare with the exactly same alloy.


However, thickness is not the only feature in the pan lifetime. Indeed, hardness is as important. A good steel on a thin pan may last longer than a thick pan with a bad steel.


Steel is an alloy mainly compound of iron and carbon, but also manganese, nickel, chromium and others. It is the right proportion of each of these elements that makes a hard steel. As an example, a high carbon rate will be generally harder than a low one.


Choosing the right steel recipe is one of the most significant things in terms of a pan lifetime. It affects a lot the durability and the quality of it. That is the reason why you are better to choose a thinner pan with a hard alloy than a thick and soft one. Stay aware of the hardness of the pan you are using to be efficient in your concrete finishing projects.





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